100% Accurate Delivery Report

Our delivery report is designed to be detailed to display key performance metrics like Submitted to operator, Rejected by operator, Delivery to phone, Delivery awaited etc. in the report.

Awesome Templates

We provide various default templates to create personalised messages. Users can create their own templates.

SMS API (24x7 Developer Support)

Real-time identification that there is a problem.
Root-cause analysis on why there's a problem.
Provide solutions on how to fix the problem.

Real Time Delivery

Our SMPP server is hosted on high bandwith cloud and delivers SMS in real time with minimal latency

Amazingly Scalable

We provide free sms service trial for both Transactional and Promotional (Marketing)SMS. Our Bulk SMS service is highly scalable. We deliver 1crore SMS in an hour.

Customized Whitelabeling for Resellers

Our clients can use our reseller panel to provide SMS services to their own set of clients.