Game SMS

What is Game SMS?

We have pivoted a new way to engage your customers with your brand using traditional means of bulk SMS marketing called "Game SMS".

Game SMS has used the philosophy of challenge and brain image recognition.

1. People love to take up challenges and winning is the best part of it. Hence we have added a target score in the game.

2. As per science, our brain easily remembers the images as compared to text. Hence, we have added brand recognition in the game.

How useful is it for you?

1. If you are a new business looking to engage more customers then Game SMS is right choice for you.

2. If you are an existing business looking to roll out offers to attain new customers the Game SMS is right choice for you.

We will provide live analytics on how many people are playing, how many people won the game.

Click on below link to checkout the recent GAME SMS campaign we did for one of our client on "World Egg Day - 13th October, 2017".
Game Sample

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